Retailer Digital Innovation Labs, 2017

By: Jesse Collins, Kevin Holmsten, Wednesday, Sep 13, 2017

The retail landscape is constantly changing as new technology is developed and adapted by retailers and their partners. As the pace of tech-enabled change accelerates, retailers that fail to keep up will lose differentiation and the competitive advantage.

Retailers are establishing digital innovation labs to participate in and capitalise on the innovation process, and integrate the latest technologies with their business models to grow sales and/or reduce costs. Winning innovation labs have a clearly defined area of focus that fits in one of three groups: 1) Instore Technology & Experiences; 2) Digital & E-commerce Platform Services; 3) Warehousing, Logistics & Fulfillment

Reasons to download

  • Discover the innovation lab strategies of competitors and partners.
  • Find out how to leverage innovation labs to propel your business forward.
  • Learn from retail and FMCG case studies and successfully implemented innovations.

Table of contents

  1. The Environment for Labs
    • STEIP Drivers
    • Definition, Focus & Process
    • Defining Success
    • Matrix for Evaluation
  2. Labs Supporting
    • Instore Tech & Experiences
      • Evaluation, Case Study, Implications & Recommendations
    • Digital & E-commerce Platform Services
      • Evaluation, Case Study, Implications & Recommendations
    • Warehousing, Logistics and Fulfillment
      • Evaluation, Case Study, Implications & Recommendations

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