Winning Strategies: Ecommerce & Digital Ecosystem Management

By: Maggie Gilliam, Thursday, Nov 16, 2017

With ecommerce expected to account for half of global chain retail sales growth through 2022, the global retail landscape is facing a significant shift in the retail value chain. New retail business models and competitors are emerging and traditional store-based retailers face threats from all directions.

In our latest Winning Strategy report, we examine the STEIP drivers fueling the growth of ecommerce and define the capabilities required to capture this growth. We help you navigate these rapidly growing ecommerce and digital ecosystem businesses and give you the frameworks to make profitable decisions and investments.

Reasons to Download

  • Understand the pillars of success for ecommerce and digital ecosystems;
  • Discover the five stages of digital retail development and where your business currently sits;
  • Uncover ecommerce capabilities that must be mastered to thrive in the future world;
  • Prioritize growth strategies, markets, and retail partners; and
  • See best-in-class case studies on Alibaba, Amazon, and Walmart.

Table of contents

1.   Situational Analysis
2.   STEIP Drivers of Change
3.   Ecommerce & Digital Ecosystem Management Explained
4.   Key Capabilities
5.   The Future World
6.   Implications for Retailers and Suppliers

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