PlanetRetail RNG's 2017 Cyber Five Recap & Holiday Preview: Key Trends & Merchandising Highlights

By: ioli Macridi, Monday, Dec 11, 2017

In our annual Cyber Five Recap & Holiday Preview report, we look at the most influential trends, such as the role of social media and the growing threat of experiences taking share from retail.

Reasons to Download:

  • Look at key Cyber Five and Holiday data, such as US online sales per Cyber Five day
  • Dive deeper into STEIP factors affecting Cyber Five and Holiday spend, as well as the effect of mobile shopping apps
  • Browse through online initiatives based on our 4 Winning Strategies and in-store merchandising strategies 

Table of Contents:

  • Cyber Five Facts & Figures
  • Holiday Outlook
  • Consumer Trends & Influences
  • In-Store and Online Merchandising Strategies
  • PlanetRetail RNG's Store Tours

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