Key Capability: Winning with 3P Marketplaces

By: John O'Leary, Thursday, Mar 8, 2018

Third party marketplaces dominate the global ecommerce landscape. These large platforms like Amazon, Tmall,, and create tremendous retail transaction volume by hosting the listings of millions of third party sellers and arranging them for hundreds of millions of shoppers around the world to browse and buy. Third party, or 3P Marketplaces, will consolidate major parts of modern retail over time and will increasingly compete with one another on a global basis.

Due to the scale and influence of these retail platforms, which are often a critical component of a larger Digital Ecosystem, it is important to understand the business model and how to take what is viewed by many as a competitive threat, and make it a competitive advantage. In Winning with 3P Marketplaces PlanetRetail RNG explores the world’s major 3P marketplaces and what strategies to employ (including major manufacturers listing as third parties themselves) to take control in this chaotic, but powerful, retail environment.


  • Situational Analysis
  • STEIP Drivers of Change
  • What is Winning with 3P Marketplaces? 
  • Winning with 3P Marketplaces Explaining 
  • 'So Whats' for Retailers and Suppliers

Reasons to download:

  • Understand the global third party marketplace landscape - which players are dominating with this business model today, and tomorrow
  • Look at what makes 3P marketplaces such a powerful force in the current global retail landscape
  • Learn how brands and retailers can utilize 3P marketplaces to help manage online inventory, grow sales, supplement product development, build capabilities, and more, creating ecommerce success.

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