Future Retail Disruption: US STEIP 2018

By: Osman Bah, Wednesday, Mar 7, 2018

Future Retail Disruption: US STEIP 2018 takes a close look at the key drivers of change in Society, Technology, Economy, Industry and Policy, showing how they will reshape the US food retail and supplier landscapes, as well as the rules to play by.

Challenged today by multiple disruptors – including middle-class erosion, digital transformation and supply chain evolution – the US will finally reinvent itself as the leading, tech-savvy and efficient grocery retail market. In addition, the current strong economic climate in the US is a good opportunity for businesses to invest in digital transformation. In the report, we highlight what short-term disruption and long-term transformation retailers and manufacturers need to expect in the US market, and how they can be pro-active to stay relevant.

Reasons to Download

  • Learn why US middle-class erosion is not a detached societal phenomenon, but acts as an irreversible driver of change in retail.
  • Understand how the adoption of new technologies will change the way suppliers and retailers operate.
  • Learn what implications US domestic policies around net neutrality, tax cuts, and trade deals will have for retailers and suppliers inside and outside the US.
  • Learn which growth channels to play in as the market is about to transform.
  • Understand what lessons from the US can be applied to markets elsewhere as they embark on similar development journeys.

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