Pureplay Retailer Report: JD.com

By: Anna Hoang, John O'Leary, Wednesday, Mar 28, 2018

This edition of our Pureplay Retailer Reports focus on JD.com’s latest initiatives and strategy, providing comprehensive insights that will be valuable to all CPG suppliers operating in ecommerce and third party marketplaces.

The report provides the latest picture on JD’s performance, future forecasts, its competitive position, and insights into its international expansion to become a truly global retailer. A STEIP assessment identifies the primary drivers of changes impacting JD’s performance within and out of China. The report also features examples of JD’s latest activities and how these support one of the Winning Strategies as identified by PlanetRetail RNG. Examples of supplier initiatives with JD are also highlighted across CPG categories such as food & beverage, fresh produce and health & beauty.

Reasons to Download:

  • Understand how JD is developing for the future with the review of latest developments within Ecommerce & Digital Ecosystems,Shopper Engagement & Retention, Supply Chain & Fulfilment and Store ofThe Future;
  • See current examples of brand initiatives with JD, organized by strategy and CPG category;
  • Read our interpretation on why these developments should matter to suppliers and the potential action to take;
  • Understand how JD build its comprehensive ecommerce ecosystem with leading partners and how the retailer incorporates logistics,supply chain and store formats into its ecosystem;
  • Learn about the major drivers of change and how these will influence JD in the future;
  • Access the latest forecasts from PlanetRetail RNG’s global database.

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