Amazon: Winning the Buy Box

By: Osman Bah, Friday, Apr 6, 2018

The vast majority of Amazon’s sales happen through the Buy Box. As Amazon continues to add more 3P sellers and move into new categories, winning the Buy Box, its most critical real estate, will become a top priority for suppliers. Download our Winning the Buy Box report to explore the fundamentals of the Buy Box and discover strategies that manufacturers listing on Amazon can use to win.


  • Buy Box Fundamentals
  • Winning the Buy Box
  • Recommendations for Suppliers

Reasons to download:

  • A deep dive into the metrics that have the most impact on winning the Buy Box.
  • Examine how well you should be performing against key fulfillment and customer service metrics to best position yourself to win the Buy Box.
  • Learn how to win the Buy Box against 3P sellers selling your brand on Amazon.

Watch our Amazon Webinar Series Recap

Watch our Amazon Webinar Series Recap below on Winning the Buy Box. Senior Analyst Jack O’Leary examined Winning the Buy Box and Buy Box influencing order conversion on

Click here to watch recording

Amazon Webinar Series Continues Tuesday 24 April

With Amazon’s aggressive moves into new categories, how will this continue to impact retailers and consumer goods manufacturers?

Join us on Tuesday, April 24, as we continue our series of webinars where we examine Amazon tactics, this month:

  • Understanding and influencing Amazon’s pricing system

Additionally, we will cover the top developments from Amazon of the past month as well as anything else that happens between now and then, including:

  • Potential Prime discounts in Whole Foods stores
  • A potential bid for Flipkart in India
  • Amazon Key in-home delivery expansion nationwide

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