Essential Stores, Q1 2018

By: ioli Macridi, Friday, Apr 13, 2018

PlanetRetail RNG has scoured the globe to highlight the latest and best store concepts to emerge over the past three months. This report highlights the fastest-growing and most innovative trends globally right now and is highly recommended for anyone involved in digital integration, merchandising, and store design across the retail world.


1. STEIP Drivers of Change

2. PlanetRetail RNG Key Capabilities

  • Experiential Retail
  • Merchandise Fundamentals
  • Rethinking Front of Store
  • Digital Integration

Reasons to read: 

  • Discover the latest store trends, from brand-exclusive pop-ups to digital automation, and how these are evolving in increasingly more sophisticated ways;
  • Learn how retailers are using the latest trends in merchandising and product ranges to stay ahead of the competition;
  • Access our high-quality images and commentary for inspiration and best practice across a range of formats and channels; and
  • Benefit from the global outlook and expertise of our international team of analysts who provide actionable implications for retailers and suppliers

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