Engaging With Digital Ecosystems

By: Clare Newstead, Wednesday, Jul 11, 2018

Our Engaging With Digital Ecosystems report explores innovative ways suppliers can leverage the many pillars of retailer ecosystems to best position brands and products on retailers’ platforms, drive sales and strengthen retailer-supplier relationships.

In this report we strategically segment the retailer ecosystem into four key areas for supplier engagement to help suppliers align their internal teams and capabilities. These are supported by best-in-class supplier case studies spanning across the whole ecosystem. We then identify the need for suppliers to build out their own digital ecosystems to recapture key consumer touchpoints that retailers are taking over with their expansive ecosystems.

Table of Contents

1. Situational Analysis

2. STEIP Drivers of Change

3. Ecosystems Explained

4. Supplier Engagement Across Retailers’ Digital Ecosystems

    Sales Execution

    Marketing Touchpoints


    Technology Monitoring

    Full Ecosystem Alignment

5. The Supplier Digital Ecosystem

6. Recommendations for Suppliers

Download the report to:

  • See PlanetRetail RNG’s proprietary ecosystem anatomy framework;
  • Understand how and why retailers are expanding their ecosystems across new businesses and industries;
  • Discover how suppliers can engage with different areas of the retailer ecosystem through optimising sales, marketing and operations;
  • View best-in-class supplier case studies of engagement across ecosystems;
  • Identify partnership priorities;
  • Recognise the need for suppliers to build out their own digital ecosystems and discover what they will include.

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