Cross-Border Sourcing Report, October 2018

By: Clare Newstead, Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018

Cross-border sourcing in Europe, led by Amazon, is having a detrimental impact on suppliers’ inventory management, resourcing, and profitability across the region. As Amazon, Alibaba, and Walmart further connect their global supply chains, this issue will only become more disruptive in new geographies. Our Cross-Border Sourcing key capability report is a guide for suppliers tackling and preparing for this challenge, giving actionable recommendations to limit the disruption caused by Amazon’s cross-border sourcing.

Table of contents:

Understanding Cross-Border Sourcing

  • Definition of cross-border sourcing
  • Driving forces behind cross-border sourcing
  • Challenges cross-border sourcing is creating for suppliers

Solving Cross-Border Sourcing Challenges

  • Harmonisation
  • Organisational structure
  • Third-party business model
  • Dedicated channel strategies

Recommendations for Suppliers

  • Recommendations for CPG sectors
  • Strategic priorities for suppliers

Reasons to download:

  • Discover how and why Amazon is using cross-border sourcing in Europe and the negative impact it is having on supplier operations.
  • Learn about methods suppliers can use to limit the negative impact of cross-border sourcing.
  • Read our recommendations for suppliers organised by CPG sector and strategic priority.

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