Building a Direct-to-Consumer Business

By: Clare Newstead, John O'Leary, Friday, Nov 30, 2018

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) platforms will be key to drive long-term success for brands. They take back consumer touchpoints from retailers, collect extensive shopper data and create loyalty and personalised shopping experiences. Download our new Building a Direct-to-Consumer Business Report to read about the key criteria for a winning D2C business and the operational capabilities vital for D2C success. 

Table of contents:

  • D2C recommendations
  • Strategic priorities for suppliers
  • Recommendations for CPG sectors
  • D2C future world
  • The D2C landscape
  • Why is D2C important?
  • Benefits and capabilities
  • Creating a D2C value proposition
  • The D2C value equation
  • Best-in-class case studies
  • Key decisions
  • What D2C business model
  • What product for D2C
  • What fulfilment method for D2C
  • What metrics for D2C
  • Developing D2C capabilities
  • 4 key focus areas
  • Best-in-class case studies

Download this report to:

  • Learn about D2C dynamics by category;
  • Understand where and how brands are focusing their D2C investments;
  • Discover Edge Retail Insight’s proprietary D2C frameworks;
  • Uncover best-in-class D2C case studies and insights on how to win.

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