US Holiday 2018 Recap

By: ioli Macridi, Monday, Jan 14, 2019

In our annual Holiday Recap report, we analyze seasonal shopping trends in the US, including estimated gift spend, the impact of Cyber Five days, and the prevalence of last-minute purchases. We scour some of the most significant websites to discover merchandising strategies and initiatives emloyed to drive customer engagement and spend. Finally, we look at unique supplier and retailer case studies, followed by our success criteria checklist and key recommendations by CPG sector. 

Table of contents

  1. Holiday Facts & Figures
  2. Online & In-Store Merchandising
  3. Suppliers & Retailer Case Studies
  4. Recommendations

Reasons to download

  • Look at key Holiday data, including online sales and types of gifts purchased
  • Browse through in-store and online merchandising strategies employed by retailers to entice holiday shopping
  • Get inspired by best-in-class supplier and retailer case studies
  • Understand the new requirements to succeed in seasonal¬†

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