Amazon Pureplay Retailer Report – March 2019

By: Osman Bah, John O'Leary, Wednesday, Mar 13, 2019

In the first of our 2019 Pureplay Retailer Report series, we look at Amazon – one of the world’s top platforms that is transforming the future retail landscape.

With a revised format, we focus on ‘where to win’ and ‘how to win’ with Amazon.

Leveraging our recently launched Retail Market Monitor, we analyze the data and forecasts behind Amazon to help suppliers plan for long term opportunities, with guidance on where to prioritize, actively manage, engage, and monitor.

We also identify ‘how to win’ with Amazon, providing guidance using our ‘winning strategies’ framework. Clear action-oriented steps to take, with recent in-store and online examples to bring to life the opportunities.

Table of Contents

Amazon at a Glance

  • Amazon priorities
  • Supplier opportunities

Market Opportunities

  • Prioritization framework
  • Market, channel, banners and category outlook

Winning Strategies – How to Win with Amazon

  • Store of the Future
  • Ecommerce & Digital Ecosystem Management
  • Supply Chain & Fulfillment
  • Shopper Engagement & Retention


  • Recommendations by CPG sector


Reasons To Download

  • See how suppliers can drive success around top Amazon strategic initiatives, with best-in-class brand examples
  • Learn ‘where to win’ and ‘how to win’ with Amazon, organized by our Winning Strategies framework and informed by our latest data and forecasts

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