Flipkart Planning Snapshot - April 2019

By: Osman Bah, Thursday, Apr 11, 2019

In this new 2019 pureplay retailer snapshot report series, we deliver the latest data and insight on leading global pureplay retailers to help you anticipate future opportunities and actions with your existing and potential retail customers.

Powered by the Retail Market Monitor, our pureplay retailer planning snapshot explores the competitive dynamics, markets, banners and categories of Flipkart. Using an actionable framework, we identify where suppliers should be prioritizing resources and investment in the next five years to win with Flipkart.

Table of Contents


  • Flipkart at a glance
  • Flipkart priorities
  • Supplier opportunities

Engaging with Flipkart

  • Business Model
  • Markets
  • Banners
  • Categories
  • Recommendations for CPG sectors


Reasons to Download

  • Find out within a maximum of 10 charts where you should be prioritizing your resources and investment with Flipkart
  • Access the latest global data and forecasts on Flipkart from the Retail Market Monitor, with the ability to filter charts on your individual categories/markets to develop tailored action plans

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