Amazon used by almost 90% of UK shoppers

Source: theguardian, Tuesday, Mar 12, 2019

Almost 90% of UK shoppers use Amazon and 40% have access to its Prime subscription service, according to a newly-published study, highlighting the reach and influence Amazon has established in what is its third-largest market behind the US and Germany.

With Prime membership growth in the US slowing, Amazon is looking abroad for growth via new consumer acquisition in key markets such as the UK. Recent investments in Prime services, tech expertise, and experimental store formats reflect the digital retail giant’s ambitions for establishing dominance in the market.

CPGs should leverage supply relationships with Amazon to expand to new growth markets and reach new consumers. Though it maintains a low-medium growth outlook, the UK provides considerable sales growth opportunities in absolute terms. Suppliers should focus on experiential content, promotions and brand values to drive differentiation, visibility and market share in a British CPG online spice that is getting more competitive fast.