Carrefour tests automated store in Paris

Source: lineaires, Tuesday, Jun 18, 2019

At its HQ in Massy, France, Carrefour is internally trialing a 50 sqm ‘grab and go’ automated convenience outlet, in which cameras and sensors track customers and products. Purchases are processed at a terminal near the exit using facial recognition which links to the mobile app profile and payment details (a payment system already tested by Carrefour in China in partnership with Tencent).

With Auchan also recently trialing its automated store format at its French HQ and the launch of Amazon Go in London appearing imminent, the momentum towards frictionless in-store shopping in Europe continues to build. Leading automated checkout solutions revolve around one of two fundamental technologies – camera-based computer vision like Carrefour (led by Amazon in the US) or RFID tags (led by a wide range of operators in China and Japan).