Alibaba 6.18 shopping festival breaks records across China

Source: alizila, Thursday, Jun 20, 2019

Alibaba’s annual 6.18 Mid-Year Shopping Festival has broken multiple records and has proven it can match the scale of the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. Taking place between June 1-18, the event has been tailored to help over 200,000 brands, retailers and merchants tap into China’s smaller cities and rural areas, including the launch of 1.5 million new products and “Daily Deals.” Taobao’s Daily Deals allowed consumers to order customized products straight from manufacturers and generated over 420 million orders.

The number of brands using Taobao’s live-streaming service for shopper engagement grew by more than 120% compared to 2018, generating gross merchandise volumes of more than RMB13 billion (USD1.9 billion). Brands also utilized Alibaba’s Tmall Innovation Center to curate and develop new products that suited the Chinese audience. For example, Nestlé introduced a new fruit-flavored coffee which sold 44,000 packs in two hours.