Kroger digital sales up 42% in Q1

Source: Kroger, Friday, Jun 21, 2019

Kroger reported declining revenue for Q1, falling 1.1% to USD37.3 billion from the previous year. Same store sales grew 1.5% and digital sales grew 42%, reflecting the grocer’s major strategy shifts and investments in omnichannel capabilities. Own brands are also a point of emphasis for Kroger, with private label sales growing 3.3% on the quarter. Kroger added 1,022 own brand items in 2018.

Kroger is undergoing a major transformation, augmenting its existing best-in-class data analytics and click & collect program with strategic partnerships including Instacart, Ocado, Nuro, Walgreens, Microsoft, and HomeChef. Part of this digital expansion involves creating alternative revenue streams through its Media, Boosted Search, and Financial Services and launching its first pure-play service ‘Kroger Ship.’