Amazon Prime Day 2019 to be a 48-hour event

Source: Amazon, Tuesday, Jun 25, 2019

Amazon has announced that this year, its Amazon Prime Day will run for 48-hours, double the length of previous Prime Days. The sales event will begin at midnight Pacific Time on Monday July 15, offering members two full days of access to one million Prime deals globally, including offers on Alexa-enabled devices.

Extension of Prime Day to a 48-hour event comes after a range of improvements to the Prime service, the most notable being the roll-out of 1-day shipping across the US. With Prime membership in the US plateauing, Prime-related promotions and events will become more important for Amazon in driving new membership. Amazon is also increasingly internationalising Prime Day, running the event in international businesses such as the Middle East in reflection of a global trend towards event-based retail. Amazon will also use the event to drive adoption of Alexa-enabled devices, locking consumers into its ecosystem.