Alibaba Tmall unveils next-gen flagship stores

Source: alizila, Wednesday, Jul 3, 2019

Alibaba has unveiled a new format for flagship stores on Tmall, its B2C online marketplace in China, called Flagship Store 2.0. Enabled by machine learning technology, the new format offers a more personalized experience, tailoring content, recommendations and promotions to individual shoppers. The format will go live ahead of Alibaba’s Global Shopping Festival in November 2019, and is part of a drive to double GMV sales on the platform over the next three years.

The updated format will also allow brands to enhance their engagement with consumers via so-called brand loyalty scores. Shoppers can collect points for any activity within a flagship store, from browsing a product, through adding it to a shopping cart, to playing interactive games and leaving reviews. The higher the score, the more rewards they can redeem through the respective brand’s Fan Club.

The new personalization capabilities, coupled with reward-based engagement, will allow brands to acquire new shoppers and build long-term loyalty at a time when China’s leading retailers are building out ecommerce capabilities around speed, convenience and personalization at a rapid pace. Global brands should engage in these initiatives to capture valuable learnings for their international operations, in anticipation of similar initiatives emerging in Western markets.

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