Cabela's Private Label Gaining Traction in Stores


A leading investment firm has been tracking the performance of Cabela's and reports solid improvement in both the overall pricing of in-store goods and the penetration of its private label, Cabela-branded products. In the final days leading up the Christmas holiday, Cabela's was performing well in store traffic, and was able to move a solid volume of goods despite a nineteen percent reduction in discounted SKUs.

Cabela's has also been able to gain share within its own stores for its private label products. A study showed that about thirty-seven percent of all discounted online products were Cabela's brand products. In some categories, particularly within softlines, Cabela's was able to hold over a fifty percent share of sales. The company also offered free shipping with no mimimum for the holiday season.

Look for Cabela's to become an even more profitiable and successful player in the sporting goods world, as the penetration of its branded products continues to accelerate and provide the company with a unique advantage over its rivals.