Walmart Testing New Global Replenishment System

Source: City Wire, Wednesday, Jan 8, 2014

Retail giant Walmart is in the process of testing a new inventory and supply chain management system called Global Replenishment System (GRS). The system will replace a seven year old model known as Inforem, created by IBM. The purpose of the system is to help to better manage the total supply chain and inventory of the company across its entire multinational network. Walmart plans to slowly roll out the new system, with a broad rollout still over a year away, part of its effort to cut down on any potential bugs.

The company hopes that this new system will help to better track and manage its inventory so as to cut down on or even eliminate the risk of empty shelves or depleted products. The company faced some criticism from the media for having too many instances of empty shelves, and has been working hard to fix the problem. The company began developing GRS in April of 2012, and vowed in 2013 to make on-shelf availability a priority in 2013.

The company has also worked hard to link its stores to one another and to nearby distribution centers so as to better blend the online and digital shopping experiences. This new system will help to further Walmart's ultimate goal of a fully integrated retail shopping experience.