Walmart Exchange to Transform Walmart's Digital Marketing Strategy

Source: Advertising Age, Friday, Jul 11, 2014

Walmart Exchange, the retailer's digital targeting, buying, and optimization platform, lies at the center of a complete transformation of Walmart's marketing team. This new platform will harness big data through information from online sales, social media, in-store purchases and more. The data will then be used to enhance digital marketing for the retailer, and will be offered as a service to all of Walmart's suppliers.

Part of this digital push will be the development of the loyalty program that Walmart hopes will give it an edge over competitors. Walmart has also been speaking with online publishers in order to allow advertising developed through Walmart Exchange to grow. Currently Walmart Exchange focuses on display and search, but looking forward Walmart plans for it to expand to email and mobile.

The creation of Walmart Exchange represents a full force movement towards digital marketing, fitting into the marketing world's shift in that direction. The fact that Walmart will also be offering up its digital marketing services to suppliers shows the company's confidence in the service and the service's underlying data.