Webinar: Ecommerce & Digital Ecosystem Management

Source: Maggie Gilliam, Thursday, Nov 9, 2017

Thriving in today's retail and consumer product sectors requires agility to keep up with the pace of change and constantly shifting consumer preferences.

How will your organization respond to getting its products to consumers in new and innovative ways? As the preference for convenience and proximity only increases, ecommerce will fuel the explosive growth of the world's leading retailers. With ecommerce growth totals expected to count for more than half of global sales added through 2022, how are you preparing to win in this future retail world?

Join us on Tuesday, November 14, for an in-depth webinar where we will explore our next Winning Strategy Report: Ecommerce & Digital Ecosystem Management. Maggie Gilliam, Director of Executive Education, will examine integral aspects of the report, including:

  • STEIP drivers of change in ecommerce and digital ecosystems
  • Five stages of digital retail market development across the world
  • Pillars of success for ecommerce and digital ecosystems
  • How to prioritize growth strategies
  • Drivers of profitability and unprofitability
  • Best in class case studies

To register for the webinar, click here.