Winning with Third Party Marketplaces (WEBINAR)

Source: John O'Leary, Tuesday, Mar 27, 2018

Third Party Marketplaces dominate the global ecommerce landscape. These large platforms like Amazon, Tmall, and create tremendous retail transaction volume by hosting the listings of millions of third-party sellers and arranging them for hundreds of millions of shoppers around the world to browse and buy. Third party, or 3P Marketplaces, will consolidate major parts of modern retail over time and will increasingly compete with one another on a global basis.

On Friday, 23 March, Senior Analyst, Jack O'Leary, explored highlights of our recently published report, Winning with 3P Marketplaces, including:

  • The emergence of the 3rd party marketplace business model as a critical feature of ecommerce
  • Capabilities needed to win in the future ecommerce landscape
  • The benefits to suppliers from operating as a 3P seller themselves on large marketplaces
  • Supplier and retailer considerations for working with 3P marketplaces

Watch the webinar recording below: