RNG's Essential Stores Q3, 2016 - Webinar (Full Video)

By: ioli Macridi, Friday, Oct 28, 2016

Hosted by Senior Retail Analyst David Gray, Research Analyst Ioli Macridi, and Retail Analyst Hanna Ryngmark, this webinar highlights our pick of the most innovative and exciting store concepts from around the world in Q3.

With stores from the US, Colombia, the UK, Sweden, China, and Malaysia it draws out key trends and strategies employed by retailers to reach urban consumers, offer transparency across retail platforms and deliver premium shopping experiences.  The webinar and full report also provide a taste of RNG and Planet Retail’s vast library of images, collected by our teams in Boston, London, and Frankfurt, accompanied by the presenters’ thoughts and commentary.

Click here to download RNG's Essential Stores, Q2 2016 slides. 

From retailer's increasing interest in format flexibility, through the imminent threat of Amazon entering the physical retail space to retailers' continuous investments in premium concepts, this webinar will take you through the highlights from five continents.


The full recording of the webinar is available below.